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Sochi 2014: Russian Cyberathlete among the Flag-bearers of Olympic Colors

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For me it was the most surprising moment of the Opening Ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Someone was laughuing at our Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sleeping during the ceremony. Others were interested if Alina Kabaeva, former gymnast and now a deputy of Lower House of Parliament, also a much rumoured lover of Vladimir Putin, will light the Olympic flame (she did not, but she was carrying it during the final act of the ceremony). Many pointed out that Putin was in a bulletproof vest... But to my mind all these things fell short in comparison with the fact that a gamer, a 25 year old guy, who many Russians know nothing about, was carrying the Olympic flag. To truly understand why I am so WTF!? about it, you need to know that videogames, cyber games and all this stuff has zero attention on Russian television. And television is by far the most popular kind of entertainment in Russia, the main source of infromation. Of course we have lots of websites dedicated to all thing videogames, but official mass-media do not take games into account. And here he was - Alan Enileev, 25, pro NFS player, WCG Champion of 2006 - carrying the Olympic colors among Nikita Mikhalkov - the famous movie director and Oscar winner; Vyacheslav Fetisov - one of the most successful ice hockey players, member of Higher House of Parliament (the Federation Council); Valentina Tereshkova - first woman to have flown to space (you may know her surname from Mass Effect series). So this guy was among the most famous, most important and most influential people in modern Russia. Many of them are close friends of Putin.


Here is a link to Alan Enileev blog, where he published some pictures from Sochi. And here is a video from 2006 or 2007 where you can see his flat, his gaming PC, some shots from World Cyber Games, his car. An ordinary guy with an extraordinary skill in racing games.

Many things have changed since this video. Today Alan Enileev is a race-driver, as far as I understand he stopped playing games professionaly but he is a co-founder of National League of Computer Sport. He writes for several car magazines and keeps his blog. He is successful in everything he does. But I do not understand why he was chosen to carry the Olympic flag amid famous sportsmen and public figures. Something about this strory makes me suspicious. I hope this "honour" will not spoil Alan and make him another puppet in the hands of Putin's regime.


What is your favourite moment of the Opening Ceremony? Did you watch it? Do you follow Sochi 2014? And what is your opinion on the above fact? Please, share.

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