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Vladimir Putin's Post-Olympic Syndrome: Megalomania

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I would like to express gratitude to the people of Ukraine who has shown unmatched bravery and boldness. They are remarkable people. They have shown the world that unity can overcome anything. They have banished their corrupt and idiotic president Victor Yanukovich from Ukraine, the country he has been robbing for the past years. He fled to Russia. And my country has accepted him, a thief and a murderer. In order to retain power and protect his wealth (follow the link to have a look at Yanukovich'es state residence) Yanukovich ordered his militia to shoot civilians. About 100 people were shot dead. And my country accepts it, even encourages him in his awful deeds.


By my country I mean Putin and his minions. These are the people no Russian should associate with and be ashamed of. These people has siezed control over my country and its resources and now they are trying to invade Ukraine. At the moment Putin has dispatched Russian troops in Crimea, a peninsula in the South-East of Ukraine. Last weekend he asked the Higher House of Parliament to grant him ability to dispatch army forces in the territory of Ukraine. He was granted this right. And this the point of no return for him.

The world community has already accused Putin in breaking all international laws and agreements. He has violated territorial integrity of a neighboring country. I hope that the world will not only accuse him with strict words but also with strict actions . I hope they will freeze Putin's affiliates' bank accounts, cancel their VISA. Russian stock market has already fallen and it is only the begining.


But the most unfortunate thing about this situation is Putin's mental state. As one of Russian political analyst put it, "From being a paranoid Putin has become a schizoid". In the recent years his actions has made us question his psychic stability, the flight with white cranes being the best example. But the Crimean (read Ukrainian) scenario has made us dignose him with megalomania - a mental disorder characterised by delusional fantasies of power and omnipotence. After the phone conversation with Putin Angela Merkel told her attendants that she was not sure if he was in touch with reality. "In another world", she said.

In the first days of Winter Olympic Games of 2014, Victor Shenderovich, a famous Russian journalist and writer, compared Sochi 2014 to Berlin 1936. At first, I did not agree with this parallel. Now I tend to agree. Yesterday, Savik Shuster, a popular Ukrainian TV host compared Putin to Adolph Hitler. And I cannot disagree with him. As many may know Russian won 33 medals (with 13 gold medals), which put Russia on the first place in medal competition. Russian Olympic triumph was the cause of Putin's commotion the result of which Ukraine is experience at the moment. Try to remember Germany also won the 1936 Olympics. These are awful even dangerous comparisons but unfortuantely they have to be made.


I would also like to say that it is Russia's fault that we are making such frightening analogies today. We, Russians, are responsible for what is happening in our country and nowadays: propaganda on TV and in press, corruption and cronyism, low level of medicine and education. We had prayed for economical stability and got political and cultural dergradation. I am greatly sorry that in election of 2004 I voted for this maniac. And my young age at that time cannot serve as an excuse. Yesterday Russian Orthodox Church celebrated Shrove Sunday and I am asking the people of Ukraine for forgiveness. We are sorry for the monster we have created.

Having read this post you may ask why I published it on a gaming blog. It is a fair question. I guess I just want more people to learn about the situation in Ukraine and to say words of support to Ukrainian fellow-gamers and people in general. The "game" which Putin is trying to make Ukraine and the world play is broken.


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