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Videogame Inspired Music Videos

I was doing some research on music videos inspired by video games when I came across this NeoGaf thread which, well, made it absolutely pointless to write anything on this topic. The user by the name of Platy did a great job of making a list of music videos which drew inspiration from video games. It is a very thorough list and I can only thank Platy for his elaborate work.


I just would like to point out my personal favourites and make an addition. So here are my picks:

The first video that comes to mind is, of course, "Californication" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. An awesome mix of GTA, SSX and psychedelic videogames:

I really like minimalistic approach in Moby's videos. They are very artful. But this has become one of my favourites:

In this Wyclef Jean's music video for "Fast Car" the director chose to use footage from one of my favourite racing games "Burnout Paradise":

A music video by a Russian rock band "Agatha Christie" for the song "Kover-Vertolet" ("Heli-Carpet", word-play: in the Russian language, "magic carpet" is "kover-samolet" (plane-carpet, literally):

It does not have to big the best song ever, but the video for it is very good. Pure Retro Nostalgia.

What are your favourite gaming inspired music videos? Please share in the comments.


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